Our culture

Work shouldn’t just be work. We want work to be a place where you can learn, where people can be inspired and develop themselves, and their colleagues. A place where everybody is treated with respect and where, at all times, we have the patient in the forefront of our mind. We want to make sure everyone loves to come to work and that besides all the serious work that needs to be done there is plenty of room for laughter, inspiration, collaboration, and innovation. A place where you will hopefully feel at home.




Crossfire offers an opportunity for forward looking people to join a team of founder scientists who have been pioneers in the kinase inhibitors field.

At the moment we have no open positions, but always feel free to contact us if you would like to solicit for an opportunity to join the Crossfire team.


Crossfire is open for new talent. Please feel free to contact us to check for internships. Our Chemistry and Biology teams are open for your application. Many graduate students have joined Crossfire in the past years and several are pursuing their careers at Crossfire.

Students have joined us from Radboud University, Nijmegen, Avans Hogeschool Breda and ‘s Hertogenbosch, Hogeschool Arnhem and Nijmegen, Hogeschool Zuyd Heerlen, Technical University of Eindhoven and Utrecht, Wageningen and Maastricht University.

Key areas where you may contribute are: molecular biology, cell biology, bioinformatics, medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, bioanalytics.